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Taxes, Business Management, & Bookkeeping for Small Businesses and Professional Offices

With his 30+ years of experience and in-person consultations, James Bowen, JD provides unrivaled business consulting and tax coaching for the business owner. His knowledge of business, accounting and law has changed the lives of thousands.

His passion is consulting, presenting, radio and webinar interviews. He is also a published writer on tax, legal compliance, health care and business management.

James’ experience includes serving as a litigation attorney; a consultant for energy companies; a researcher for the Library of Congress and a criminal investigator. He obtained his JD from the George Washington School of Law in Washington, DC.

“I help my clients increase revenue, reduce taxes and realize their dreams. That is my goal and we get kick-ass results.”

save money on taxes

Tax Relief & Saving Money

Most small business owners pay more money to the IRS than they are required to ... in fact, thousands and thousands of dollars each year. With the proper tax coaching, you keep more of YOUR money and without legal worries.

Looks at Past Tax Returns to Save Money

For more than 20 years James Bowen has used his legal and business background to help clinic and business owners get more tax deductions, pay off debt, and become more profitable by streamlining their offices and businesses so they can get ahead and achieve their goals. He knows the issues medical clinics and small businesses face, because he has helped over 250 professional offices and businesses operate more efficiently, legally, and profitably over the last two decades.

He will look over your tax returns for the past three (3) years to help find deductions you or your tax preparer may have missed.

check past tax returns to save you money

Looks at Past Tax Returns to Save Money

James Bowen can help with tax strategies for this year and furture years. His tax analysis includes the following:

There is no one else in the country — no practice manager, accountant, or attorney — that provides the scope of services and bottom line results that James Bowen does. No one.

"During our meeting we talked about my corporate status, James looked over my returns, and immediately showed me numerous errors. What I appreciated was that James didn’t belittle me or act arrogant the whole time. Mr. Bowen explained to me how much I would save using a trustworthy knowledgeable accountant. By the end of the dinner I knew that I would be losing money if I didn’t act right then and there. James first started with my tax returns, and saved me over 7k personal and 30k corporate. That alone was way worth it. Next I changed my corporate status and began taking dividends and saved 16k the first year. Money that I was able to pocket rather than send to our overspending government."
~ Pablo Nicasio, DDS

Small Business Management

Are you passionate about your profession and enjoy your work, but when it comes to the business-side of your practice, do you feel like you’re falling short? How many different “hats” do you wear while running your business in a day? In a week?

business management for small businesses and professional offices

Covers All Areas from A-Z

Let James Bowen act as your CFO and provide the services and protection that your professional office needs. We have assisted over 250 medical & chiropractic offices, attorneys, accountants, and other professional offices earn more, keep more, increase compliance, and live fuller, richer lives all while substantially reducing tax liability.

For a simple, flat fee, he will help you with ALL aspects of running and managing your business. Through extensive, on-site practice evaluations and unlimited consulting he’ll identify and show you how you can earn more, keep more, and reduce the stressful burdens of being the owner of a small business or practice.

Help Solve Specific Problems

Is there a specific problem or two that is causing you grief? James Bowen can help you determine the root cause of your problems, identify any bottlenecks, and fix any other obsitcles holding you back from achieving the financial success you are looking for.

"With James’ advice and guidance I am working much smarter, not harder, and my office is actually running more like an efficient corporation. My stress is less, my income is significantly increased, and we have a great game plan for the future. With James’ advice we have significantly lowered our tax liabilities and saved a considerable amount of money. In addition, having James’ accountant amend two years of previous tax preparations has returned to us a whopping $40,000.00!

"In a nut shell, working with James has saved us a lot of money, made us a lot of money, and got our office in a great position for further growth and prosperity."
~ David H. Spear, Ph.D., D.C.
Eugene, Oregon

Bookkeeping & Accounting

James Bowen understands how poor accounting and bookkeeping can impact the bottom line of any business owner. Without understanding corporate accounting and tax law, it is difficult — almost impossible — for the owner to even know what questions to ask or what to look for: they are the unknown unknowns.

Save YOU Money by Helping You Know YOUR Business Better

In this time of uncertainty, it’s more important than ever to structure your business and personal finances to ensure increased profits and protection from loss.

Each business practice is different, even though they may share similar commonalities. But let’s not forget that the heart and soul of each business belongs to a person, or group of persons, even if the the company is identified as a Corp., LLC, etc. What are the visions of the owner for the future of the practice?

The financial x-ray starts with an evaluation of your company by looking at it’s current business structure. He likes to refer to it as a taking a “Financial X-Ray” of your practice, although it really details much more than the financial aspects. This is the foundation for the formulation of a plan that is specific to your practice and you.

"Your services helped me restructure my corporation status, pay myself a salary, and set up my books for the best tax savings ever! Instead of paying out to the government I get to keep more. And that makes me happy. Every year I would have to write the big check that my accountant told me I owed. With all the restructuring, I no longer do that. This has given me a lot of peace of mind."
~ Susan Bright, D.C.
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Oversee Your Bookkeeping for Tax Purposes

One area of clinic operations that consistently trips up clients is bookkeeping. Many bookkeepers are not detail oriented for accurate profit/loss statements. Others use their own judgment as to what is a deductible expense without the training to actually know what is and what is not for your company with predictably bad results! Many companies try to do it themselves (scary) or do not have it at all.

The resulting problem is that your CPA relies on the profit/loss when compiling your tax returns. Neither the owner nor the CPA actually compares the bookkeeping numbers with the raw data (checks, CC Statements) for accuracy. Significant deductions can be lost. Often the numbers do not even come close to what the owner actually spent, and in some cases the reported income was higher than what the owner received, resulting in taxes paid on phantom income.

This is where a professional, dedicated, corporate-level bookkeeper is necessary for a profitable clinic. Our services provide the highest level of bookkeeping possible and will make life easier for you and your accountant. Tax preparation will seem like a dream instead of the dreaded “find the receipt” model most businesses use.

We only use QuickBooks Online, for ease of use, stability and transparency. You, or your CPA will always have access to your transactions. No more updates, crashes or Mac incompatibility.

"We recouped our fees for his first year consulting just by the re-submitting of our previous two years tax returns. I hate to say anything negative about anybody, but he showed holes in my accountants knowledge that I was paying a premium for yet suffering greatly from, luckily I was able to recoup from many of them."
~ Sean J Fryer, DC